I’m so pleased to announce my exhibition at Sikkema Jenkins in Chelsea May 16 – June 28, 2014

The exhibition has been extended until July 18, 2014

Address: 530 west 22nd street – NYC 10011




Aspects of the Self: Portraits of Our Times,” group show at the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech, March 21 to April 27, 2014

Photographic Portraits: Invitation to Stare,” group show at the Akron Art Museum, on view until June 1, 2014

Affekte (Affects),” group show at the Kunstpalais in Erlagen, Germany, April 4 to August 6, 2014




Suzanne Opton’s Soldier/Many Wars was selected for inclusion in The Photobook: A History Volume III by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger. You can order the book here.


Installation of Soldier + Citizen photographs

The Linfield Gallery at Linfield College in McMinville, Oregon is exhibiting my entire war series consisting of Soldier, Many Wars and Soldier + Citizen.  Also included is the video. “I Can’t Forget What I Know,” and an audio collage of veteran’s voices.  The college is located in the beautiful Oregon wine country, great little restaurants, fabulous wine, and abundant photo-ops.

photo_nephew copy

My GREAT nephew Owen (aka Tree Stump) came to the opening.

A handsome portfolio of all the Many Wars portraits is now available for purchase.  To schedule a viewing of the portfolio or for more information, please contact Lia Rothstein, independent curator and artist representative at lia.rothstein@gmail.commanywars_edit

NPR’s “Studio 360” will air a previous interview with me this weekend. Nov 7-8.

Soldier Birkholz at the War/Photography exhibition

Soldier Birkholz at the War/Photography exhibition

War/ Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath, the exhibition from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is now on view at the Brooklyn Museum.  The curators, Anne Tucker, Will Michels and Natalie Zelt have put together an exhaustive look at war photography since the beginnings of photography.  It includes all the classics and lots of photographs you’ve never seen– a stunning and heart rendering exhibition.  My photograph of Soldier Birkholz is in the “Portraits” section.

I’m so pleased that “SOLDIER / MANY WARS” will be included in the forthcoming The Photobook: A History – Volume 3 , Edited by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, Phaidon, 2013 Photography


Last Veterans Day, two artworks devoted to sharing veterans’ stories appeared simultaneously in two of New York’s busiest public spaces — Times Square and Union Square. The projects reflect a growing attempt to create new connections between two distinct communities — The art world and the military world. From photo shows in Houston, Honolulu, and Norfolk, Virginia, to art therapy programs at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and MoMA, artist, curators, and educators have been devising new strategies to present U.S. war veterans not as cyphers or victims but as protagonists and narrators. Read more in this special report by Executive Editor Robin Cembalest at